My most memorable beach story involves getting out of bed at an obscene hour of the morning to watch and photograph the sunrise at Shelly Beach Ballina. I'd planned to watch Old Sol make his appearance at the lighthouse imagining that it would make a great few hundred photos. As someone, not a morning person, I couldn't find the lighthouse and ended up here by this man-made rockpool.

I set up my camera and watched the sun slowly breach the horizon across the Pacific Ocean.

It was a sight to behold and have never forgotten the sheer beauty of this sunrise, the salt mist hanging low over the beach, and the sound of incoming waves. And the Canadian who approached me who asked me to take his picture as the sun began to rise. After taking his photos, he looked at them and said, 'they're dark.' I replied yes they are - the sun isn't up yet. I liked those photos, he was silhouetted against the most beautiful sunrise I'd ever seen.

Once the sun had risen I looked behind me and there on the hill was the lighthouse. Glad I got lost otherwise I'd have missed this experience.

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