Gil Rhodes voted for POINT LOOKOUT SLSC

Most memorable beach story was Easter 1995. We were packing up after a day of patrols when people came running to the club telling us there was a young surfer being washed up onto the rocks on the headland.

Our IRB officer started frantically assembling (sitting in it) as I drove the IRB trailer down the beach access using my own 4wd. Some of our members jumped into the water off the headland with tubes but couldn't locate the surfer.

It was growing steadily darker and harder to see the ocean as we launched the IRB. We navigated the heavy surf around the rocks keeping a lookout for the surfer, passing our members in the water who were looking as well.

It was getting desperate and darker, with waves only visible with the white water. Luckily, there were people on the headland watching and one man had a long sleeve white shirt so I could see him pointing out to sea. We followed that direction 200m out and found him, yelling for his life.

He was battered and bleeding, but so relieved to be safe in the IRB. He shouted us beers that night. Great rescue, great memories.

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