Jack Jenkins voted for ELLIS BEACH SLSC

I think the entire time i’ve Been there (8 years) has been an excellent experience, the club is filled with happiness and joy. This excellent club has a great spirit and helps to motivate young children to try and do there best, while having lots of fun the entire way through. One of my stories are. When I was about 6/7 I was splashing around in the nets, having lots of fun. A while later one of the patrol members came up to me and said “do you want to ride a board?” What do I say, “yes please”. after they brought it down, they tought me how to catch waves and keep my balance on it, it was probably one of the most memorable experience of my life. Board riding continued to be my favourite nipper activity. I think that it would be great that my club wins the $5000 to make more unforgettable and happy memories for children in our region.

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