Victor Ramirez voted for KILLCARE SLSC

The year was 1974. The beach was Kiama Beach. The whole extended family traveled from the western suburbs to spend the whole day at the beach.

We haven’t been on the beach long when all us kids found a pool created by high tide then low tide seperated it from the waves. As I was the youngest I loved it. It’s was only about 2-3 foot deep. So I was sliding on my stomach, Until I felt something scratch my stomach. As I stood up I noticed I had opened my stomach wall with a very sharp edge (glass or can). My intestine where outside my body. The more I moved the more intestine feel out. I remember mum going Hysterical & her brother slapping here to snap her out of her hysteria. The adults finally got to me picked me up & rapped up my intestine in a wet towel on my stomach.

We drove ourselves to hospital. I was rushed through, I was told half my intestine had to be washed free of sand then place back in my stomach & stitches up. 70 stitches inside & out.

I did get back to the beach that day.

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