Keale Dorries voted for PALM BEACH SLSC

Okay so I had just finished surfing, it was getting dark so time to come in.

As I was packing up my car, a gentleman asked to borrow my phone as he had locked his keys in the car. He put them down on the trunk, then closed it down on top of the keys which pressed the button to lock his car. He was on the phone trying to get a hold of his wife who was not answering due to it being my number, so she wouldn’t know it. I was in no hurry so told him just keep trying, send her a text. Whatever he needed to do.

Anyway, the car next to him came over and offered to help. They said they had just locked their key in their car too and they caught a taxi home to get their spare key and bring it back. Back to original guy. He leans on his trunk and his lights start flashing, we realise his keys buttons as being pressed but it’s only pressing the lock button!

Finally, he gets onto his wife! She is going to bring the spare keys.

But while this is happening, the other/car/over/locked/their/spare/set/in/the/car/AGAIN/meanwhile/ original/car/leans/on/the/trunk/once/more/and/it/unlocks/but/othe r/car/is/now/on/the/phone/to/RACQ

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