Alannah Mannix voted for SHOALHAVEN HEADS SLSC

This only happened a few weeks ago. So my friend Jaidyn and I were at Shoalhaven Heads Surf Club for the Cadet of the Year interviews with a few other cadets from other clubs. We had about 1/2 hour until lunch so they said "go down for a swim" so we go down for a swim. It was an overcast day and no one was out past their chest so of course we lifesavers decide to go for a big swim. Next minute we are out past the back break, maybe 200 metres out when we hear WEEAAOO of course, the shark alarm had to be pulled. I swear we all nearly shit ourselves we were terrified. Honestly, I've never swum that fast in my LIFE! Our trainer was watching and he said when we got back "it took you all about a minute to get out and 20 seconds to get back in" we were that scared. Turns out there was a shark just chilling 30 metres to our left and we still don't know what type of shark but hey it makes a great story! Honestly, I love patrolling at Heads so much!

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