Rachel Penny voted for BARWON HEADS 13TH BEACH SLSC

It was a beautiful summers day in Barwon Heads. The summer holidays were well underway and we were out on a family bbq.

I remember the blue sky and feeling the warmth of the summer sun on my skin.

My friend and I raced to the cool, refreshing water. We were both nine years of age. As we waded out past the sandbar to swim I noticed a young girl bobbing up and down.

She was silent, upright and sort of gasping.

Back in the late 70’s unsupervised swimming was the norm. Patrolled beaches were few and far between. But we had been in swim and safety lessons from a young age.

I recognised the signs, she was drowning. We both paddled to her and towed her back to safety. I’m guessing she was about 5 years if age.

Even to this day I will never forget the look of fear in her eyes but am grateful we were able to save her thanks to my parents making sure we had training from while young.

I am also very grateful for the amazing work our surf life saving clubs do in keeping people safe and informed of the dangers.

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