Matt Bevilacqua voted for CLIFTON BEACH SLSC

A strong motivating moment in my career happened on Kurrawa beach - when i was 18, the Under 19 Australian Ironman Championship was held at Kurrawa. I worked so hard that day, but I had never made an Ironman final and I missed out on my final opportunity to do so before Opens. I was forced to watch from the sand.

I remember it was an incredible day with thousands watching the race, the weather was perfect, the race was a true spectacle and it came right down to the line. Tanyn Lyndon who was a stranger to me then, but now a good mate, crossed the line in first place. The feeling of having to watch such an awesome moment from the crowd inspired me to keep striving in this sport and to one day finally achieve success and be a part of races such as those. I moved away from my home in Tasmania not long after this day and trained hard for years to become a professional ironman, which I've achieved today and extremely love doing.

I’ll be voting for Clifton Beach SLSC in Tassie to win the $5000 cash prize.

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