Luke Verri voted for BRIGHTON SLSC

Not being able to swim myself and seeing my 8 year old daughter combat an open water swim at our SLSC Nippers session I could see I needed to be a better role model. I then learnt to swim and then as the usual story goes everyone at the club then encourages me to (Get your Bronze mate, it will be fun). So i said hold my beer, I'm doing it. Once achieving this and approx 3 months later whilst providing water cover at board training I noticed before we even started a young couple either struggling or having fun in the water. Swimming out to them upon closer inspection they were both pushing down each other drowning. Bronze training kicked in and i grabbed the struggling girl 1st with a fellow lifesaver (seeing me run to the water) grabbed the male. The look in their faces will last in my memory. Luckily it was a rescue before they took any water in but i always think back to the start. If we hadn't joined the kids at Nippers, nor learning to swim myself, Bronze medallion, AGM and helping out at board training what could have happened.

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