Jane Kelsbie voted for DENMARK SLSC

It'd been 47 years since Denmark SLSC had a surf boat in a competition. As true underdogs - with a boat for 12 months and a crew that'd trained together for about 6 - the Denmark Argonauts tackled the 2019 SunSmart Country Carnival at Ocean Beach with nothing but 100% determination. It was drama right up until the event with the sweep trying desperately to get accredited the day before, the boat getting damaged and fixed just in time before the race, and a 3 metre swell rolling through the bay on race day. Up against some pretty hefty (and experienced) statewide competitors, the Argonauts made it through the heats... to the finals. They took off at great strength and speed... the tannoy announced Denmark in the lead. The beach stood still in anticipation while the lads picked their winning wave to a podium finish of the Open Men's A Final. The beach erupted! Never will I forget the look of pride on the team's faces, fellow Clubbies and even their competitors! It's a day that will do down in DSLSC history. A fitting finale for our 60th Anniversary year...

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