Jennie Haste voted for CHAMPION BAY SLSC

A few volunteers work tirelessly for Champion Bay SLSC, but they still have time for a gag, or two.

A couple of club members, known for their diligence in collecting rubbish along the foreshore, decided to litter the sea bed. Cement was mixed, steel poles were cut to size and gnomes were prepared for their operations.

In the early hours of several mornings, concrete was poured into the upturned gnomes and the rods inserted... appropriately! Once set, the gnomes were swam out to sea with the life guards, then, unbe-gnomingly, they were held under, and their poles jammed into the sand at the bottom of the ocean. The gnomes were never to seen on dry land again.

On a clear day, an underwater gnome apocalypse can be seen as they now live a few meters below one of the main swimming 'lanes'.

It's a tourist attraction yet to be unveiled. If you speak to the right people at Geraldton's foreshore SLS club, you may learn of the 'sea'-cret coordinates, but don't tell anyone else!

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