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Jayme’s winning story

It was Jayme’s first season patrolling Black Head Beach. He’d turned 13, just obtained his Surf Rescue Certificate and was now patrolling on a windswept Saturday with a beach full of seaweed and a rising swell.

Jayme was out on his paddle board as usual, monitoring the swimmers when he suddenly saw his fellow patrol club members running down the beach towards a man who was caught in the dangerous wave impact zone.

Jayme immediately responded, paddling his board as hard as he could to reach the man. When Jayme arrived he realised the man was a lot larger than himself. But without hesitation, his training helped him to roll the struggling man onto the board and paddle out of the crashing waves.

As a brave Jayme brought the thankful man safely back to the sand, everyone on the beach stood as one and applauded the young life saver for his bravery during his first ever rescue. ‘I felt so proud to be a junior life saver,’ Jayme said.

Congratulations Jayme Wisemantel from Black Head SLSC. He’s won a donation of $5,000 for his surf club and $1,000 for himself, in our recent search to find the best beach story from around Australia.

DHL is celebrating 15 years of partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia.



Over 180,000 people have been saved on Australia’s beaches in the past 15 years

Since the establishment of the partnership there have been 2.2 million Surf Life Saving members across Australia.

DHL has supported Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) for the past 15 years.

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