Top Tips To Keep Safe at The Beach This Summer!

Dive into Safety: Navigating Beach Hazards with DHL Express and Surf Life Saving Australia

At the heart of beach safety lies a crucial rule: always swim between the Red and Yellow Flags when at a patrolled beach. These iconic flags signify the most appropriate area for swimming, carefully monitored by surf lifesavers. Staying within the flagged area means on patrol Surf Life Saving Volunteers and Lifeguards are able to clearly look out for your wellbeing and safety.

If the waves ever get rough and you find yourself in need of assistance, the golden rule remains to stay composed and raise your arm. This universally recognized distress signal acts as a beacon, attracting the attention of Patrol surf lifesaving volunteers or Lifeguards. Allowing them to act accordingly to assist you or the individuals in trouble.

One of the ocean’s hidden dangers lies in rip currents, powerful narrow streams of water that flow swiftly away from the shore. These currents pose a significant threat, capable of carrying unsuspecting swimmers away from the safety of the coastline. Understanding the signs and dangers of rip currents is pivotal for beachgoers, ensuring they can identify and navigate away from these hazards safely.

This summer, embrace the sun, sand, and surf while prioritizing safety!

Whether you’re a seasoned beach enthusiast or a first-time visitor, DHL and Surf Life Saving Australia’s partnership has together helped deliver safer beaches since 2003. Aiming to empower everyone with the knowledge needed to visit the beach safely and responsibly.

Let’s make this summer at the beach a memorable and safe experience for all!

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